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u-mirc is the unix version of the well-known mirc irc client for windows. our main goal is to provide a user-friendly interface, so that mirc users can use it easily. for this reason u-mirc supports mirc scripts.
but all this doesn't mean that u-mirc is just a clone: we just want u-mirc to be as user-friendly as mirc. this means that the interface might be similar to mirc, but it certainly won't look like mirc (much better ;-). u-mirc comes in two flavors: console and X.


the project was launched in july 2001 by the people who work at linuxbites. their names in alphabetical order:

szpilewski, jarek
van porten, oliver
weiss, alex
wolf, heiko


programming language: c++
console interface: ncurses
X interface: qt

supported operating systems are linux and freebsd by now, but it is intended to port u-mirc to various other unix systems.

this site is hosted by sourceforge, where we store also many other information, including mailing-lists, bug-tracking and news. we'd like to thank sourceforge for this service. you can view our sourceforge project page [here]. it is the main u-mirc page - the u-mirc central -, so if you look for news, go there.

licence is gpl.


well, the very first version of the console interface is almost finished, the socket classes and irc command parsers also. time to clean up code and bring it all together ;-). downloadable files won't appear before one month (september), because we all go on holiday. and the code really needs to be cleaned up...
mirc script support will take some time, so first versions won't support it.

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(sorry for the mistake in the description)

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